For the past several years, former Superintendent of Public Instruction and current Attorney General Tom Horne has been on a mission to eradicate TUSD's Mexican American Studies program.  His most recent attempt was to author a bill introduced as HB 2281, which the Arizona legislature passed and Governor Brewer signed into law on May 11, 2010.  HB 2281 is codified at A.R.S. §§15-111 and 112.  Now that HB 2281 has become law, the struggle to protect the Mexican American Studies program must necessarily move into the courts.  One of Save Ethnic Studies' highest priorities is to support this effort.

On October 18, 2010, attorney Richard Martinez filed suit in the United States District Court against Superintendent Horne and the State Board of Education on behalf of eleven TUSD Mexican American Studies teachers.  Since then, two TUSD students have joined as plaintiffs.  The legal challenge contends that HB 2281's attempt to wipe out the Mexican American Studies program is in violation of the teachers' and students' constitutional rights and that HB 2281 must be invalidated.

This litigation takes on the considerable power of the State of Arizona and requires significant financial resources to meet that power. Although, we hope for an early resolution, we must be prepared for the possibility of a long legal battle against the State. To sustain the fight against the State and HB 2281, Save Ethnic Studies needs your financial support.  No donation is too small.

This is not solely the struggle of TUSD's Mexican American Studies teachers and students.  If successful, the State of Arizona and the Legislature will be emboldened to suspend constitutional and civil rights beyond the educational arenas.  Other states may move to destroy Ethnic Studies in their schools and universities.  Because the outcome of this lawsuit will potentially affect education, civil rights and free speech beyond Arizona's borders, we ask for your support.

Our legal team has been working very hard during the last couple of months.  These were filed on 10-18-2011.

November 2011